La Joie Creole Oyster Bar In Cedar Park, TX

Open Faced Neon Channel Letters Showcase Unique New Restaurant

Located at 1500 E. Whitestone Blvd in Cedar Park TX, La Joie Creole Oyster Bar is a unique new restaurant now open for business. La Joie, meaning “joy” in French, features authentic Creole and seafood dining expertly prepared by Owner and Executive Chef, Nicolas Harrison. ( When the company needed a unique neon sign to showcase the elegant logo they had created; Texas Custom Signs was invited to bid. We collaborated with the client on design tweaks to ensure that the…

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Getting Your Business Signs Ready For Daylight Savings Time

Getting your business signs ready for Daylight Savings Time

Daylight saving time starts at the end of October every year and as night arrives sooner so do service calls for making repairs on signs. Many businesses that are open from 8 to 5 or 6pm do not see their signs at 8 or 9pm when it has been still light outside and never see them lit. So once time changes then the lighted signs are now visible by business owners and most importantly patrons. What to do now to…

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Why Electronic Message Centers?

Why Electronic Message Centers?

EMC’s can be an amazing tool to add to your business. Digital LED signage is a great way to increase sales and gain exposure for your business. Getting customer's attention with dynamic LED messages will be memorable, and lead to impulse sales. For schools, and churches, or most any business, EMC’s are a fantastic way to communicate events and information to students, parents, church patrons, staff and prospective customers. Most EMC’s have the capability of being programmed days, months and…

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Pylon Sign And Building Signs For National Storage Chain For Austin, TX Location

Pylon Sign and Building Signs for National Storage Chain for Austin, TX Location

This site required two very large branded signs to help with identification. A large pylon freestanding sign and a LED illuminated channel letter wall sign. These signs are very common for storage facilities. The first sign was the 7 ft tall by 14 ft wide LED illuminated cabinet sign welded to a 30 ft tall pole. Engineering is required for this type of signage. We drilled a 12 ft deep hole and placed the steel pole in the hole then…

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Huge Lighted Signs For Apartment Building

Huge Lighted Signs for Apartment Building

Texas Custom Signs just completed a very cool project for the Flora Apartment complex in Central Austin. The channel letter design with LED illumination provides a large building identification and unique night time lighting. Our client requested a very custom lighting configuration in which you can see in the attached video that we created. There are literally hundreds of small LED lighting components in each letter and each one of the components is computer programmed to allow for the very…

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Digitally Printed Wallpaper For Business Or Home From Texas Custom Signs

Digitally Printed Wallpaper for Business or Home

Digitally printed wallpaper is a simple and effective way to change the look of an interior space. Waiting rooms, patient rooms, conference rooms and lobby’s can all be enhanced from this product. Texas Custom Signs has printed thousands and thousands of feet of wallpaper for our clients. We’ve used this dynamic material in restaurants, car dealers, doctor’s offices, tech conference rooms, design studios, business lunch rooms, schools and professional offices. We even have clients that have used it for their…

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Dun & Bradstreet Sign Built And Installed By Texas Custom Signs

Financing Your New Sign

Texas Custom Signs has teamed up with a premier financing source to allow our clients the opportunity to finance their sign or sign package. This is a great resource for cash flow management. Texas Custom Signs has teamed up with Harbour Capital. We have the following available for our clients: The Harbour Advantage 100% Financing Terms up to 84 months Up to $250,000 App only Low fixed rates New and used equipment Simple one page application Click the button above…

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Whole Foods Sign Built And Installed By Texas Custom Signs

Solar Power and Monument Style Signs

Project: LED Monument Signs Client: Whole Foods Location: Austin, TX Searching for custom signs in Austin, TX? Here’s a good one. Recently, we were brought in by Whole Foods to build two monument signs to direct traffic to their parking lot. They’re both very nice looking, custom monument signs. They’re actually even more customized than a "normal" custom sign. First, the "rocks" were rough cut native Texas stone pedestals and monoliths, pulled directly from a Central Texas quarry. The rock’s…

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My Fit Foods Sign Built And Installed By Texas Custom Signs

It’s Time For LED Inserts In Your Old Signs

Here are 11 Things you should know about a neon to LED conversion. Neon signs put out 3.5 amps per power supply vs. LED’s at 0.8 amps. LED’s are as bright is not brighter than your old neon sign. LED signs last longer then neon signs due to the life of the bulbs. LED’s run brighter than neon signs in the winter. Neon puts out 15,000 volts of electricity while running vs. 12 volts with LED’s. LED signs have a…

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LED Lit Sign Austin Texas

Spring Cleaning Signs

Now is a Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning your Signs. Just like your house or car, your signs could always benefit from a good spring cleaning. The usual extremes in weather in the latter months can take a toll on outdoor signage. In the summer months, especially in the southern states, the sun and the heat can warp sign faces, fade colors, even crack medium quality vinyl. You may notice the faces on your pylon sign, channel letters, and even…

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