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LED Lit Sign Austin Texas

Spring Cleaning Signs

Now is a Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning your Signs. Just like your house or car, your signs could always benefit from a good spring cleaning. The usual extremes in weather in the latter months can take a toll on outdoor signage. In the summer months, especially in the southern states, the sun and the heat can warp sign faces, fade colors, even crack medium quality vinyl. You may notice the faces on your pylon sign, channel letters, and even…

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HEB Sign Repaired By Texas Custom Signs

Let’s Press the Refresh Button on Your Exterior Signs

Exterior signage is a major component in the success of any business and a dated or run-down sign can damage a business's look and reputation. When someone sees a dated, broken or run-down sign they are less likely to use the services provided because there is an immediate thought of: “If they can’t even take care of their sign, how can they take care of their customers”. Signage built to withstand the elements are comprised of durable materials in their…

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