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My Fit Foods Sign Built And Installed By Texas Custom Signs

It’s Time For LED Inserts In Your Old Signs

Here are 11 Things you should know about a neon to LED conversion. Neon signs put out 3.5 amps per power supply vs. LED’s at 0.8 amps. LED’s are as bright is not brighter than your old neon sign. LED signs last longer then neon signs due to the life of the bulbs. LED’s run brighter than neon signs in the winter. Neon puts out 15,000 bolts of electricity while running vs. 12 volts with LED’s. LED signs have a…

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HEB Sign Repaired By Texas Custom Signs

Let’s Press the Refresh Button on Your Exterior Signs

Exterior signage is a major component in the success of any business and a dated or run-down sign can damage a business's look and reputation. When someone sees a dated, broken or run-down sign they are less likely to use the services provided because there is an immediate thought of: “If they can’t even take care of their sign, how can they take care of their customers”. Signage built to withstand the elements are comprised of durable materials in their…

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Trinity Church LED Display Installed By Texas Custom Signs

Church Signs

Institutions of faith are an important part of communities and lives in our society and like most establishments the need for quality signage is also important. Churches, temples and religious sites all share the need for signage that is both permanent and changing. The solid and enduring signs in the form of monuments, plaques and permanent lettering give the patrons of these establishments the security and steadfast feel of the faith they share. Religious sites have a long history of…

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